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About Our Selection

We stock everything you will need to keep your pet nourished, including:

  • Crickets (Sm-Med-Lg)
  • Superworms
  • Mice (All Sizes)
  • Rats (All Sizes)
  • African Soft Furred (ASF) Rats (All Sizes)
  • Dry & Canned Foods
  • Supplements

*Our feeders are given only the highest quality food, ensuring that your pet gets only the best!

Rodent Price List

NameDescriptionRetail Price Per Unit
Pinky RatsLIVE AND FROZEN @ 5-10g$2.00
Fuzzy RatsLIVE AND FROZEN @ 11-19g$2.50
Crawler RatsLIVE AND FROZEN @ 20 - 40g$3.50
Weined RatsLIVE AND FROZEN @ 40 - 55g$4.25
Small RatsLIVE AND FROZEN @ 56 - 75g$4.50
Medium RatsLIVE AND FROZEN @ 76 - 150g$5.75
Large RatsLIVE AND FROZEN @ 151 - 250g$6.50
Jumbo RatsLIVE AND FROZEN @ 251 - 375g$9.00
Super Jumbo Rats (when available)LIVE AND FROZEN @ 376 - 500+g$10.00
Pinky MiceLIVE AND FROZEN$1.25
Fuzzy MiceLIVE AND FROZEN$1.50
Hopper MiceLIVE AND FROZEN$1.75
Small Adult MiceLIVE AND FROZEN$2.00
Adult MiceLIVE AND FROZEN$2.25
Jumbo Mice (when available)LIVE AND FROZEN$2.50
African Soft Fur Rats ALL SIZESLIVE AND FROZEN$10.00