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Reptile Mogul Exotics (formerly Reptiles & Reefs) is a retail reptile shop located in Tempe, Arizona. It is my goal to supply Tempe (and one day all of Arizona) with top notch animals at a great price. I also have feeders with the best prices in town. I breed my own rodents and have a big supply of Rats, Mice, and even African Soft Furred Rats (ASF) in all sizes. I have live, frozen and I can even humanely pre-kill the rodents if needed.

I am in the process of putting together an exhibit of native Arizona rattlesnakes. I want to have a safe place for people of all ages to come and learn about the different species of rattlers found in Arizona, and explain that when given space and respect they are not a threat to our everyday lives.

Come in and check out the shop. I can answer any questions and concerns you may have. I will help the best I can or direct you to a great reliable source to help. I also invite you to browse our online store. We offer most of the items we sell in the store, as well as special internet deals.

-Jared Ohsman, Owner


Day Gecko

If you're looking for the best deals in town, the finest reptiles from reputable breeders, and the highest quality feeders you have come to the right place!

Our goal is to be here as an information outlet for all your reptile needs, to supply great animals, feeders, and dry goods.

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Hey TEACHERS K-9! Please come in and ask about the teacher grant and our specials that we offer in addition! Great way to get kids exposed to pets in the classroom! - Reptile Mogul Exotics

I just wanted to thank everyone for helping support us last weekend! We had a great turnout. We hope to see you all next time! - Reptile Mogul Exotics

Hey everyone please like our Reptile Mogul Serpentarium page were trying to get everyone on one page lol - Reptile Mogul Exotics

Hey everyone! We have a couple things going on right now so please read all. We're working on a remodel and need to make some room! All glass and melamine in stock will be 25% off with any other purchase. Need to move the big stuff to make room for new product lines... Also our crickets are now going to be reduced to $1.00 per bakers dozen and $10 for a dozen dozen (@ 150-160 crickets. We have specials on nature zone products. Big snakes (over 5') will be 20% off with any purchase. The Serpentarium will be open saturday September 9th from 1-5 and Sunday the 10th from 1-4 We can also set up appointments for groups of 10-20 people All "entry fees" will go towards our rescues. We are also working on plans to have a much larger tank built for Bowser, our surrender Alligator Snapping Turtle it will take a lot of money to get it taken care of so we will be accepting separate donations to help with the cost of keeping him happy and out for all to enjoy. He is a restricted species that was here illegally but the person did the right thing and annomously turned it in about a year ago. Being restricted and large we are limited to few options except to keep him for the long haul. There restricted because they get so large 99% of people aren't willing to to keep them when they get too large. At that time there usually illegally dumped in a local water source where they will eat and grow until there's nothing left.. they also erode banks to live and look for food. We will anonymously accept any rescue restricted or not. Please call ahead 480-307-6330 - Reptile Mogul Exotics

To make room for all the new babies expected this season and all the rescues that are coming through we will be having a double event this coming Saturday and Sunday August 5 and 6th! We will have the Serpentarium open from 1-5 both days! We also have all hedgehogs 20% off all bearded dragons 25% off, 25% off turtles, 20% off ball pythons 20% off all enclosures glass and melamine, 20% off all Zoo med product, 25% off all large Columbian red tails and much more! We look forward to seeing you all this weekend!! - Reptile Mogul Exotics

Hey guys how is everyone? So.... I picked up a female C. Lividus on April 1st, she finally molted and too my surprise she is male. So my question to you is. Do you want or know anyone look for a male C. Lividus? For mating! Trade or sale. - Dustin (Customer)