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About Our Selection


In the shop, I have a large variety of reptiles and amphibians. Most of whats in the store is for sale. PLUS a great diplay is being set up for Giant Day Geckos in an all live enclosure. If you want something I do not have I can special order just about anything thats legally allowed to be purchased and owned in the state of Arizona. Some of what I have:

  • Pythons: Ball, Carpet, Burmese, Blood, Green Tree
  • Boas: Argentine, ed Tail, Rosy, Emerald Tree,
  • Snakes: Corn, King, Barons Racer, Pine, Hognose, Indigo
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Leopard Geckos
  • Chameleons
  • Frogs: Green & Blue Dart, Bumblebee, Powder Blue Tink
  • Anacondas: Yellow, Green
  • Tortoises: Sulcata, Russian, Hermans, Leopard, Indian Star
  • Turtles: Map, Red Ear Sliders, Peninsula Cooter, Pastel Sliders, African Side-Neck


I will have specials on things such as full set ups including the animal, if you are buying in bulk, and for a few bucks I can even feed the big Argus Monitor for you. She wont turn down a nice snack.


For special orders, go to the contacts page and call or email the given contacts with your name, number, and what your looking to order. For emails, in the subject bar put the species or name of the dry good your looking to get. A deposit may be needed depending on the price of the animal/dry good, and how hard it is to get. Deposits are any where from 20% to 50% depending on price and rareity. I will put you on a list with others waiting for special orders and contact you with price and information on whether or not I can purchase the item. Also, call for information on possible payment plans! If an agreement on a payment plan is reached the item can not be picked up until it is payed off.


Would you like to see some of our animals? Our stock is changing rapidly as we find them homes, but we do regularly post images on our Facebook page of all our hatchlings and newcomers, as well as other animals!

Bearded Dragon