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Reptile Mogul Exotics (formerly Reptiles & Reefs) is a retail reptile shop located in Tempe, Arizona. It is my goal to supply Tempe (and one day all of Arizona) with top notch animals at a great price. I also have feeders with the best prices in town. I breed my own rodents and have a big supply of Rats, Mice, and even African Soft Furred Rats (ASF) in all sizes. I have live, frozen and I can even humanely pre-kill the rodents if needed.

I am in the process of putting together an exhibit of native Arizona rattlesnakes. I want to have a safe place for people of all ages to come and learn about the different species of rattlers found in Arizona, and explain that when given space and respect they are not a threat to our everyday lives.

Come in and check out the shop. I can answer any questions and concerns you may have. I will help the best I can or direct you to a great reliable source to help. I also invite you to browse our online store. We offer most of the items we sell in the store, as well as special internet deals.

-Jared Ohsman, Owner


Day Gecko

If you're looking for the best deals in town, the finest reptiles from reputable breeders, and the highest quality feeders you have come to the right place!

Our goal is to be here as an information outlet for all your reptile needs, to supply great animals, feeders, and dry goods.

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We had a wonderful Sulcata surrendered the other day. Great people took wonderful care of him! We will give him a wonderful forever home at the Sanctuary. Hes in temporary pen now with several others seems to be adjusting well! The big reason for this post is a great big thank you! For the sizable $100.00 donation to help with some of his care etc. Our rescue , rehab and sanctuary is run solely on donations so we appreciate everything. Most just want to dump an animal no longer cared about. This family cared enough to do all that to get him here and help with some of his new future! Thank you, Will leave anonymous as I didnt ask them if I could use there name. But you know who you are! - Reptile Mogul Exotics

LAST minute decision to open tours of the hot room Next door, this weekend in prep for our fundraiser to get Bowser a bigger home! He was surrendered 3 years ago and grown like a weed! But to keep him on display vs sm pond glass is expensive especially the thickness we need to keep everyone and everything in the tank lol. So please stop by this weekend 1-4 for tours! Will also be open next weekend for tours . Same hours. Tours are $10 per adult minimum donations for entry. Kids will be $5 minimum each. Thank you all again for supporting Reptile Mogul Serpentarium in all the individual ways you do! See you soon! We also have some new additions at the Serpentarium so dont miss the new guys! - Reptile Mogul Exotics

I wanna give a shout out to my buddy Paul for donating our first test run of our new lables shop and Serpentarium when were done! Thank you again for taking it on yourself to getting us started with them! The design has been worked for years. The next run will be much more informative.... Without donations like this we cannot fund the rescue and Serpentarium - Reptile Mogul Exotics

Stopped by last weekend when I was in town. They had a great selection and the workers and owner were super nice and knowledgable. Left with this awesome little dude and he is doing great in his forever home. Thanks guys!! - Steven (Customer)

You've all been asking, "When is the serpentarium open?? Come by this weekend and check out all the new animals on exhibit! The Serpentarium will be open 12-4 Sat and Sun the 19th and 20th! We ask a minimum $10 donation to come inside. Dont miss it! (All donations from this weekend will help cover costs associated with keeping surrendered reptiles.) - Reptile Mogul Exotics

Just for fun - Reptile Mogul Exotics